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KidsAcquire Mentor

How to be a kidsacquire mentor?

Being a KidsAcquire® mentor is much more than being an English teacher. First and most of all it takes patience and perseverance.

KidsAcquire® Mentoru olmak bir ingilizce öğretmeni olmaktan çok daha fazlasıdır. Zira herseyden once bir KA mentoru olabilmek sabır ve azim gerektirir.

KidsAcquire Mentorship Principles

1- If you realize that you lose the childrens’ attention make sure you change your position (CYP) or move in the classroom while performing the activities. If the lesson is going on a static mood change the mood and try to do whatever you are doing in a different position. If you are sitting, stand up and if you are standing, sit down. The main philosophy behind this is to spice up the lesson with more enthusiasm.  

 2- Whenever you feel some kind of "inertia" either in the Little Giants or even within yourself exercise a generic game among the games - you have identified before the lesson - that have been proven entertaining and successful to attarct the Little Giants attention.  It is obligatory for each KidsAcquire® Mentor to identify such successful games, activities/exercises that instantly attract the  Little Giants' attention. Please bear in mind that our successful KidsAcquire® Mentor's most prominent quality is his/her ability to dexteriously govern the attention of the Little Giants and, act immediately according the situation he/she diagnoses during the classes. This requires to remain vigiliant and focused from start to finish of the lesson. Every minute counts and invaluable.







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